Sunday, 30 September 2012

More service changes

On a completely different tack, lets go to the south-west. Pinjarra, as well as North and South Yunderup, will get their first regular public transport. Route 600 will run straight along Pinjarra Rd to Pinjarra, while 604 will deviate via North Yunderup and terminate in South Yunderup. Both run only on weekdays, and the service on the 600 is every hour outside of the peak and roughly every 30 min during the peak, while the 604 is less frequent, running 4 times a day. This service is quite good for a rural area and a small town, and expands the reach of the Transperth network.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sunday 30th September Changes

 On Sunday, there will be several changes to Transperth bus services.
424 - Before
424 - After
414- After
414 - Before
Changes to the routing of Stirling feeder buses have been planned for a while, and will be carried out. The 414 will serve the western part of Balcatta that the 424 use to serve. The 424 will now travel along Karrinyup Rd and North Beach Rd, following the 427 (except for the deviation to Osborne Park Hospital, following the 423). Since the 427 follows the 423, the 423 will now travel west of Stirling station, taking Cedric St, Odin Rd, Barnes Rd and Huntriss Rd, serving the commercial area at the corner of Barnes Rd and Morris Rd.
423 - Before
423 - After
Frequencies have been co-ordinated so that buses run every 15 minutes on  weekdays and 30 minutes on Sundays along Odin and Barnes Rd (combination of 423 and 425, as well as half-hourly 423 on Saturdays). Corridors such as this create public transport that is dependable, as on weekdays you can turn up and go (TUAG) instead of looking at timetable. In addition there are more early morning trips on the 423 and 425 from Hillarys Boat Harbour and the intersection of Milverton Av and Karrinyup Rd respectively, with trips leaving Hillarys as early as 4:50am to connect with the first train. This again broadens the usability of public transport.
However, there was an opportunity to create a corridor much like that on Odin and Barnes Rds along Cedric St. Shifting 415 trips on Sundays 15 minutes forwards would result in bus service every 30 minutes along Cedric St until Amelia St, in addition to the 15 minute service on weekdays and the 30 minute service on Saturdays provided by the 415 on its own. Changing the 415 schedule would also create a similar corridor from Mirrabooka along Ravenswood Dr and Amelia St until Marloo Rd, if the trip times were reduced by 2 minutes eastbound and 3 minutes westbound. There is plenty of fat in the 415 schedule, as evidenced by waits at the intersections of Amelia and Cedric Sts westbound and Amelia St and Wanneroo Rd eastbound. This waiting is also present on weekdays, but is the worst on Saturdays, where a westbound trip may be scheduled to take 25 minutes but in reality only take 18 min. Passengers may wait 10 minutes for a train as a result, where the timetable shows 5 minute connections.
There will also be timing changes on routes 15, 365, 372, 386, 387, 388, 389, 390, 391, 401, 402, 407, 421, 426, 427 and 467, and stand changes at Stirling
Stand 1402, 428 
Stand 2 415
Stand 5 410, 412
Stand 6 421, 423
Stand 8 413, 424, 427